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I have been told to blog. I do not know how to blog. To be honest, I was a little hazy as to what precisely a blog was, so I asked my daughter. Being 11 years old she is, of course, au fait with all things internet and computer. She sighed, gave me a look that quite plainly said “idiot mother” and explained as follows:- “a blog is sort of like an online diary that anyone and everyone can read,” she then paused, wrinkled her nose and added, “even Nana”.

Oka-a-ay, if that doesn’t make me watch what I blog about, nothing will. So, here goes, my first ever blog, which no one will probably ever read because who could possibly be interested enough in some small-town, first time author to even bother to look for their website, let alone make it to the blog at the end? But enough of me and my low self-esteem, or rather, maybe that should be what I write about, because isn’t that what publishing a book is all about? Overcoming your fear of rejection and conquering your self-doubt to actually do it, to actually put your book out there in the public domain, where people can read it and say nice things about it or not….

Ah, now that’s the whole crux of the matter isn’t it, the not part. What about if people hate it? What about if they dismiss years of work with a few cruel and thoughtless comments, what about, and this is the worst part, what about if they attack with personal remarks aimed directly at the poor hapless author? I must confess these thoughts and fears did hold me back for several years from taking that final step and actually getting published. But then I thought, why not? Some might hate my book, so what? It would be impossible to write a book that everybody loved, by the law of averages there must be some who simply don’t like it, but that’s not my problem, it’s theirs, and not publishing simply because I was afraid I wouldn’t please everyone was ridiculous.

So, I swallowed down my fear, approached the publishers and now, some six months later, I can look people in the eye and say with pride – “I am a published author”.

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