May 2016

Good news on the work front! I did manage to find myself another job which ticked all the boxes for hours, pay and location and started last week. I am enjoying my new job, despite wandering around half the time in a daze of incomprehension and exhaustion, and everyone has been extremely kind and patient with me, but I still feel like a bit of idiot half the time – I mean, how could I not know that all typing is emailed internally nowadays?

Looking back it probably didn’t take as much time as it seemed to find another position, yet it felt as if the scary uncertainly lasted forever, and I would like to thank my readers for all the messages of support and encouragement I received, thanks guys, they certainly cheered me up when it felt as though everything was as black as could be.

Hopefully, now things are back on an even keel I can really pay attention to pushing my books forward for publication. I did send a copy of Eve, together with the first fifty pages of two of my other novels “Cat’s Tale” and “The Forest” to the head of BBC drama – wouldn’t Eve make a fantastic TV series? Can’t you just imagine the cliff-hangers, especially the bit on the staircase, and those of you who’ve read the book know exactly which bit I mean, it would certainly be spine-tingling stuff. However, I sent them several months ago and so far have not even had the courtesy of acknowledgement of receipt, so, maybe that’s a lost cause, but you never know, I am told these things take time.

Just a short blog this time, I am still trying to adjust to different, longer hours and am finding it hard to manage all the other things that scream for attention in my life, all you busy working mums out there know precisely what that feels like.

Take care everyone and, as usual, any comments or messages are always gratefully received either via the email contact or on my Facebook page.

All the best

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