Fixtures and Fittings cover

Book two in the fabulous Blackwood Clan saga, Fixtures & Fittings is Marcus’s story

Rich, handsome, sophisticated, Marcus Blackwood has it all. Then tragedy turns his perfect life upside down, leaving him sole guardian of his young niece. Traumatised into selective muteness, Megan needs more than Marcus believes he can give her, but, what she needs most of all, is a home.

Searching for the perfect house, instead Marcus finds Grace Lovejoy, an eccentrically hippy, single parent. Grace and her children are being forced to sell their beloved home. Using the connection between Megan and the Lovejoys, Marcus struggles to bring his little niece back from a very dark place.

And then there’s Grace … the complete antithesis to everything he’s ever looked for in a woman. There’s also a connection, a bond between them, that Marcus can’t explain and is not even sure he wants.

And all the time, the deadly consequences of trying to break through Megan’s muteness creep ever closer…

Sometimes, you have to choose, what to keep and what to leave behind…

A heart-warming, romantic read, interspersed with real edge-of-the-seat action, Fixtures & Fittings is one book you’ll want to keep forever
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Becoming Lili cover

Never has an ugly duckling turned into such a beautiful swan…
An ugly duckling girl, Phyllis is bullied viciously at school and is unloved at home, a lonely teenager, longing for so much more from life …
Suddenly, a random encounter with a stranger, offers her a chance to have it all … if only she has the courage to change, to grasp the opportunity with both hands.
In the years that follow, as her dreams of attaining friends and beauty are realised, others join her on her journey to Becoming Lili. She realises that, even when you seem to have everything, sometimes, the one thing you really want, is the one thing you just can’t have.
Becoming Lili is an epic, heart-warming tale of aspiration, friendship and love set against a backdrop of the vibrant 90’s, and is packed full of unforgettable characters you will instantly fall in love with.

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Lifesong cover
She came from a different place, a world living in harmony with the lifesong that flows through everything, connecting all to the great song of the universe.

Suddenly, she’s trapped on our world, a place hell bent on self-destruction, a place that destroys without thought, poisons its own water supply and pollutes the very air that it breathes. Horrified to discover we have no lifesong, the question burns – what kind of a world is this, that can treat itself so?

Hauntingly beautiful, this story will make you think and feel about our planet and our choices, and wonder – Is the love of one woman is enough to save an entire world?

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Melissa’s life is nice, normal, safe … and she’s completely bored with it. Then, she meets the famous author Annaliese, and falls in love with the golden, glamorous world she inhabits.
Craving it all, the friends, the easy luxury, Melissa is prepared to do anything, change in anyway, to become Eve – smart, sophisticated and talented. Yet, all is not as it seems in this house of secrets and lies. Just who is Annaliese? A woman without a past, without any family, and what is the strange bond that exists between her and Eve?
The Book of Eve is a story of love and betrayal, of old secrets finally bubbling to the surface, and a message from beyond the grave that could be the key to everything…

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Eclairs For Tea cover

Eclairs for Tea and other stories is a wonderful, eclectic, mix of short stories, flash fiction and poetry, to be dipped in and out of, and enjoyed at your own pace.

Eclairs for Tea – There was something very important Kevin had told her not to forget. If only she could remember what it was

Taproot – As war raged in the skies above, Meg fought her own battle against growing up, and her fears for her brother

Do You Believe? – Susan was never one for flights of fancy, so what is she to think, when her daughter tells her a fairy has taken up residence at the bottom of the garden

Vicious Circle – As far as DI Cass Sawyer is concerned, the past should remain firmly in the past, but, it seems time may have a different idea

Lifesong – If there is life on other worlds, what would it be like? What would they make of us?

Along with many other heart-warming, surprising tales, interspersed with the author’s quirky poems about modern life, this is a book you’ll want to read again and again…

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Lost and Found
Arianna Santorini has had a hard life. Abandoned by her husband, left alone to raise their child for six long years, she’s made the best of things. Then, she meets Luke Blackwood. Initially, he seems perfect, strong, kind, understanding and loving, everything she could possibly want.

But, Luke has a secret, he’s rich, very rich, and Arianna has a deep-seated prejudice against wealthy men, believing it turns them into men like her husband, manipulative, arrogant, bullies. When she finds out the truth about Luke, her first response is to send him away, harden her heart to what might have been.

Then the worst thing that can happen to a parent, happens to Arianna, and the one person who can help her, is the one she’s vowed never to see again.

Sometimes, you have to lose everything, to find what’s really important…

A fast-paced, punchy, rollercoaster of a read, Lost & Found is one story you won’t forget in a hurry.

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