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Lifesong is a haunting and poignant novella that asks the question is there life on other worlds? What would it be like? And most of all, what would they think of the way we treat our planet?

She came from a different place

She came from a world living in harmony with the lifesong that flows through everything, connecting all to the great song of the universe. Suddenly, she’s trapped on our world, a place hell-bent on self-destruction, a place that destroys without thought, poisons its own water supply, and pollutes the very air that it breathes. Forging a connection with a man who grieves for his lost family, she explores our world – shocked at the level of violence and misery it contains.

On your world, there seem to be so many with no place … so many angry, frustrated, disconnected beings. They feel society does not need them, so, in turn. They absolve themselves from the rules that bind a strong society together, becoming like monsters, hurting so much inside they must lash out at others in turn.”

Pity arising in her heart at the plight of so many on our world, she tries to help by using her own lifesong to heal and soothe the hurts of the people she encounters. Horrified to discover we have no lifesong, the question burns in her mind.

What kind of a world is this, that can treat itself so?

Like a contagion, our sickness of self contaminates her, and she discovers she is unable to return home. Doomed to a lingering death on our world, her own lifesong depleted to the point of non-existence, she resigns herself to her fate. But in a sweeping twist, the story reveals a glorious truth that will leave the reader with hope for the future.

Lyrically beautiful, this story will make you think and feel about our planet and our choices and wonder if, ultimately, the love of one woman is enough to save an entire world?

Available in Paperback and eBook

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