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Erinsmore is a wonderful, Narnia inspired, fantasy tale for all ages which will take you on a fantastic adventure in a magical land of sword and sorcery. Oh, and there are dragons … mustn’t forget the dragons…   Teenager Ruby … Continued

Mage Quest

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Mage Quest continues the adventure begun in Erinsmore. A fast-paced and fun fantasy tale for all ages – join Ruby and her friends on a quest all over that magical land of sword and sorcery, and explore the whole of … Continued

The Book of Eve

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A sophisticated and sumptuous contemporary tale of long-buried secrets that threaten to destroy a group of rich and glamorous friends My name is Eve … but that is not my real name Nineteen-year-old Melissa doesn’t realise how bored she is … Continued

Becoming Lili

An ugly duckling, coming-of-age tale of friendship and love Once there was an ugly duckling girl… Thirteen-year-old Phyllis has a miserable existence. Viciously bullied at school, she is unloved and unwanted at home and her parents make it very clear … Continued


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Lifesong is a haunting and poignant novella that asks the question is there life on other worlds? What would it be like? And most of all, what would they think of the way we treat our planet? She came from … Continued

The Forest ~a tale of old magic~

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A dark and twisting tale of an isolated village in a forgotten corner of Britain, where old magic, folklore, and a curse that has echoed down throughout the centuries controls the villagers’ lives Keeper of secrets. Taker of souls. Defender … Continued

Eclairs For Tea

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Eclairs for Tea and other stories is an eclectic mix of short stories, flash fiction, and poems that reflect the author’s quirky outlook on life. Perfect for dipping in and out of, this book is an ideal coffee break companion. … Continued