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Fixtures & Fittings is book two of The Blackwood Family Saga and is a fun and fast-paced romantic suspense that tells of the eccentric Blackwood Family and their turbulent path to true love.

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Sometimes, a choice must be made. What to keep and what to leave behind

Marcus Blackwood is a man who has it all. He’s a millionaire and runs the successful company that he inherited from his father. He’s good looking, has his pick of beautiful women to keep him company, has a wardrobe full of designer suits, and belongs to the wonderful Blackwood Family. A quirky collection of steps, halves, and exes they might be, but they are family and ultimately, Marcus will do anything to protect his family. Then everything changes. His sister and brother-in-law are murdered in a carjacking that goes horribly wrong and Marcus is named sole guardian of his seven-year-old niece, Megan. Overnight, the happy bachelor becomes a worried father to a little girl so traumatised after witnessing her parents’ murders that she has elected to remain mute.

You should know, Mr Blackwood, your niece hasn’t spoken a word since the incident.”

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Struggling to cope with a silent child – except for during the hours of darkness when horrendous nightmares tear poor Megan apart – Marcus is advised by her nanny, Delphine, that Megan might benefit from a more homely environment. Desperate to do anything to help his newly adopted daughter, Marcus hunts for their forever home and finds the Lovejoy family. Being forced to sell their beautiful rambling Edwardian villa, the Lovejoy family comprise of Grace – who with her dreadlocks, hippie clothes and bohemian outlook on life is the complete antithesis of everything Marcus finds attractive in a woman – her teenage daughter, the smart and capable, Zoey, and the mischievous twins, Finley, and Connor. The thrifty, self-sustaining life they live is a million miles from the smart and sophisticated world of Marcus Blackwood, yet something about them sparks a response in Megan.

Perhaps hearing about a life that is completely different from the one she’d had – a cluttered, rambling old house compared to a sleek, modern New York apartment. A large, noisy, crazy family instead of being an only child. Perhaps the strangeness, the oddness of it all made her stop thinking about it, if only for a while.”

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Gradually, an unlikely friendship grows between Marcus and Grace – one initially fuelled by a mutual desire to help the broken Megan – yet it is a relationship that benefits all. Slowly, Marcus begins to realise that tasteful interior design and expensive possessions do not make a home and that in the case of the Lovejoy family it is their garden, their pets, and most of all, being part of a close-knit, loving unit that means home to them. And then there is Grace herself, she is not what Marcus wants, but is she what he needs? However, what none of them have realised is that Megan’s muteness is the only thing keeping them safe – because there’s a killer out there with unfinished business.

A man who’s probably desperate right now because his plan didn’t work, because Megan’s still alive and could identify him at any moment…”

Fixture’s & Fittings is a rollercoaster of a read which follows seamlessly on from Lost & Found, book one in the series, which tells the story of Luke Blackwood.

Available in Paperback and eBook

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