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A sophisticated and sumptuous contemporary tale of long-buried secrets that threaten to destroy a group of rich and glamorous friends

My name is Eve … but that is not my real name

Nineteen-year-old Melissa doesn’t realise how bored she is with her existence until she has a brief glimpse of what life is like for the beautiful and influential author, Annaliese. But one taste is not enough, Melissa wants more and is prepared to go to any lengths to become part of the charmed circle of friends that surround Annaliese. Then, through a quirky twist of fate, Melissa is offered the chance to make all her dreams come true and she reinvents herself as Eve – close friend and companion of Annaliese.

Kindness should be Annaliese’s middle name. I really don’t know how she does it. I mean, I’ve never heard her say an unpleasant word about anyone.”

Despite her initial impression that the Hall is a place of smoke and mirrors, for many years Eve’s life is one of ease and luxury. Annaliese’s friends welcome Eve with open arms and soon she cannot imagine being without them – especially Scott.

Falling head-over-heels in love with him, Eve must be content with merely being friends with this taciturn and emotionless man who reveals nothing of his past to anyone. The only person less than welcoming is Caro, Annaliese’s assistant, and oldest friend.

She views Eve with mistrust and dislike and hints at a secret that will lead to Eve being Annaliese’s downfall.

But even the best party must eventually end, and this one ends in a storm of tragedy and bitter betrayal. Overnight, Eve’s perfect life is exposed for the lie it is … and so, she runs, as far and as fast as she can, into exile on a lonely beach on the other side of the world.

It’s what you are that will hurt her, and you can no more change what you are than the earth can stop moving.”

But a year later an irresistible urge is summoning her back to attend one last party, Annaliese’s farewell bash.

Maybe Eve will find the resolution she seeks, or maybe she will only find more heartbreak and deceit. And always the same question begs to be answered.

Should some secrets go to the grave?

The Book of Eve is a sexy and sophisticated read of love and friendship amongst a group of rich and beautiful friends, and the secret from beyond the grave that threatens to destroy them.

Available in – Paperback and eBook – Free to read on Kindle Unlimited

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